Become Our Jewelry Affiliate

Get deeper involved in the Justin Kyne Brand experience by telling others about us and earn an income on the side. Register today!

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01. Register As An Affiliate

Be among the first to earn revenue by referring new customers to Join the Justin Kyne Jewelry Club. It's free to join -- no fees and no minimum sales.

02 Promote Our Brand

Promote Justin Kyne Jewelry Club on your social platforms and website using affiliate link/coupon to get referrals from your followers/viewers as well as inviting others to join your network

03. Earn Commission

Be compensated for referral sales and network ambassadors. We pay monthly via PayPal only.


Trusted Partnership

Commission payments guaranteed on the 15th day of each month. So you can focus on promoting our brand.

Generous Commission Structure

The Jewelry industry often pays 4% commission on referral sales. We start our affiliates at 6% with the opportunity to earn up to 12% on commission.

Multiple Income Streams

As an affiliate, you will earn a commission from referral sales as well as participation in our multi-level marketing (MLM) option. As an affiliate, you can earn from up to 12 levels in your downline network.


Program Commission Earnings

As an affiliate, you are guaranteed a program commission of at least 6% on referral sales of Jewelry during each month. You have the opportunity to earn up to 12% commission by hitting monthly sales milestones.

Network Commission Earnings

As an affiliate, you can earn network commission by inviting people to join the network as your ambassadors. Each of your ambassadors, in turn. can invite persons to join your network. You can earn network commissions from your ambassadors up to 12 levels in your downline network.

Dependable, Transparent Payment

The affiliate's portal will show a breakdown of all commissions earned by the affiliate from referral sales or sales from the affiliate's downline network. Payday is the 15th of each month. There is no minimum balance for payments.


Affiliate Program

Tier | Minimum Order Value | Commission Rate

Tier 1 | $0 | 5%

Tier 2 | $3,000 | 8%

Tier 3 | $9,000 | 10%

Tier 4 | $15,000 | 12%

Network Marketing (MLM)

Downline Level | Commission Rate

Level 01 | 24%

Level 02 | 22%

Level 03 | 20%

Level 04 | 18%

Level 05 | 16%

Level 06 | 14%

Level 07 | 12%

Level 08 | 10%

Level 09 | 08%

Level 10 | 06%

Level 11 | 04%

Level 12 | 02%


Match customer segment

It is important that you target your promotion to your followers/viewers who share the characteristics of our target audience. This will ensure that we both get the most out of your promotional efforts.

Passion for Jewelry

If you are passionate about fine jewelry then this program is for you.

Dedication and persistence

We are here to help you succeed in Promoting our Brand by providing you with useful supporting materials and assistance.

Payments are processed on the 15th day of each month.

No. You will receive all commissions you have earned on each payment day, regardless of the amount.

Payments are made by PayPal transfers only. Affiliates must supply their PayPal information in order to complete payments.

Yes, each affiliate will be provided with a portal. From the portal you will see your Referral Link/coupon and your Network Link which you use to invite people into your network.

Your portal will show you key analytics you can use to track revenue from your Referral Link/Coupon which is used to track referral sales. The portal also shows revenue from the Network Link you use to invite people into your network.